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I am fascinated by human transformation and personal leadership. I LOVE studying, practicing, and teaching tools that help us transform our mindset and unlock our potential. As a young pup, I studied Psychology at the University of Queensland and went on to run therapeutic and leadership programs for young people. On the sidelines, I was borderline obsessed with waste reduction and climate action. On weekends you would often find me cycling down Bondi’s back streets with my yoga mat on the back, fresh kale in my basket, and a pocket full of plastic I’d collected from the beach. A walking cliche and I wasn’t even sorry about it.


One day, as I sat deep in thought on the cliffs of the Eastern beaches, I had the most epic epiphany. I realised that my two life passions, psychology and climate change, were perhaps not that separate at all. If we could learn to be more connected to our natural environment, wouldn’t we not only feel more at peace, but also start to give a shit about saving our home!? It’s a win-win! Turns out I wasn’t the first to have this thought, and it was in fact an actual thing called ‘Ecotherapy’. From that day on, I have spent my time building my toolkit in becoming an Ecotherapist. Today, that toolkit includes a myriad of qualifications and work experiences, and, most importantly, belief in myself and my vision (which turned out to be by far the most difficult to obtain). 

After spending much of 2019 traveling Australia in a camper, I returned to my home on the Sunshine Coast 35 weeks pregnant and ready to take on the world with my Ecotherapy superpowers!! In an unexpected twist, motherhood changed EVERYTHING. I now have new definitions of ‘success’, ‘productivity’, ‘purpose’, ‘frustration’, and ‘tired’. I also unknowingly joined the greatest secret club in existence. Everywhere you go, Mums have each others’ back and it’s freakin’ rad! I soon realised my Ecotherapy powers could serve this secret club and their little ones in the most beautiful way; by providing a sanctuary for mothers and children to connect with each other and with nature. Motherhood is rarely easy. But when our relationship with our natural environment is in balance, life feels right.


The things I did with my twenties...

- Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours

- Diploma of Holistic Human Development

- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Level 1

- Certificate of Ecopsychology - ‘Ecotherapist’

- Certificate of Meditation Therapy & Mindfulness

- Registered Yoga Teacher 200HR

- Certified Kids Yoga Teacher

- Various other certificates in mindfulness and facilitation   that distracted me from actually taking a step forward. 

- Blue Card, First Aid & CPR, obvs.

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