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We are here for the conscious parent... the one with all of the good intentions, and none of the spare energy. 

With eco-playgroups and workshops in the Noosa Hinterland, we help you raise your tribe of little ones to be the imaginative, free-spirited, earth conscious leaders of tomorrow, we know they’re destined to be.

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At The Wild Exchange, we get it. In the morning, after your shower and coffee, you feel energised and inspired. You’re that cool, creative, boho parent ready to take on the world. Just like all the Insta-Mums who make it look effortless, you too are going to raise your little ones to be connected, mindful and free-spirited. Your kids will be Earth conscious little superheroes; a beacon of hope for the future of our world.


By the afternoon, your to-do list may as well be fire kindling. You’re not sure if the coffee you’re drinking is from today, or yesterday. With ‘ABC Kids’ blaring in the background, you can’t help but judge yourself for that time you were that judgy Mum who judged all the other Mums for putting a screen in front of their kid at the cafe. 


We can’t give you more time in the day or do your laundry (we’ve got our own pile thanks). But we can make that mindful, boho family thing a whole lot more achievable. 

Set on a stunning Noosa Hinterland property, we’ll provide you with weekly good vibes and exciting nature inspired activities designed to enhance emotional and sensory development, educate about the systems of Nature, and build a lasting relationship with Mother Earth. Just come along with your little ones and let your hearts run free into the wild!

Book you and your little one into our next available Ecoplay term, or holiday workshop today. 

At The Wild Exchange, we’re big on creating a community with no judgment, no comparison, and no need to strive for perfection. Your messy bun is welcome, your parent-guilt can wait outside. 

We know how easy it is to get caught up in the chaos of family life. But we humans are designed to be in harmony with our natural environment, and in harmony with each other. We want this experience to make it easy for you and your little one to relax, get grounded in nature, and leave feeling confident, connected, and inspired to live a life caring for Mother Earth, the same way she cares for us. 

You can get your creative, nature fix with a group of excellent, like-minded (adult) humans at one of our Ecotherapy workshops. From building a terrarium, to diving deep into your thought patterns and behaviours, and their connection to nature; our unique workshops will leave you buzzing with inspiration! And if a few hours isn't enough, we host annual women's weekend retreats too! Check out the workshop schedule, or express your interest in our retreats below. 

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Hi, I’m Jaimie, and I spent literally all of my twenties collecting qualifications and experiences so that by the ripe old age of 30, I could have my dream job, and have life figured out... then I could think about kids and all that boring stuff.  I had always been passionate about how we can have healthier minds by taking simple steps that contribute toward a healthier planet. But that’s not a job!? How do I make that a job?? I was lost.

When I turned 30, I was unemployed, living in a camper in the Kimberley desert, and VERY pregnant. Not exactly what I had spent the last decade dreaming up, but ironically enough, it was becoming a Mama that lead me to finally realise my calling. 

When I had my baby girl, Oakie, I finally let go of all the pressure to earn, to achieve, to succeed, and to be valued by others. And in doing so, I realised that it totally IS a job, and the world needs it more than ever right now!! As an experienced Psychotherapist and trained Ecotherapist, I already had all the tools I needed. The only thing missing was an audience, and a bit of self belief! With that, The Wild Exchange was born.

Jaimie Trotter
Ph: 0435 799 605
ABN: 88 286 551 280
16 Junction Road, Cootharaba
QLD, 4565

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